Re: How can I modify the stock Motobecane 7 exhaust for a 70cc Parmakit / Lost back plate

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I get that for sure. The issue is I am leaving Friday and bringing both my mopeds. I did have a performance exhaust, but I was living in China for 6 month and left my mopeds state side. At some point along the way, the Simoni pipe got lost. My brother is pretty much the worst driver I know, so I am guessing that since the Sim pipe sat so low he either smashed it to shit and swapped it out to hide the evidence or he knocked it off and simply didn't notice.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but here is a little story. I was in the hospital for 5 days recently. On the first day, he managed to get drunk, take a girl for a ride, crash at full speed, and give himself and the girl really bad road rash, and exhaust burn so bad their skin turned brown and into 8 inch wide bubbling blisters. On top of that, he didn't even dump the bike and slide it. He just crashed and it bounced down the road. I've dumped a few vehicles going over 30 slid that bitch so smooth I barely got a scratch and the bikes were still running. Just picked it up and go. He totally fucked up my 35 year old Sachs with the 505/1D that was showroom floor flawless. No apology. He even tried to hide it.

Second day, he blew through 4 stop signs with a cop behind him. Didn't even notice. He got pulled over and luckily, the cop knew me and it was my ped and let it slide. I only found out cuz the cop told me. Third day to the fifth day, he left both in plain site in the yard, in the rain, in Chicago. It's a miracle both were still there. I think he wanted them stolen to hide his crimes.

tl;dr: My brother is a dick, I'm broke from paying hospital bills, and even if I had the cash, I don't have the time for a new pipe.

Once I'm done with hospital bills, I plan to try my hand at following the DIY expansion chamber tutorial on the wiki. It's like so close to winter when I plan to make it, but I still wanna ride while I can. Maybe I'll find a used one for cheap.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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