Hobbit clutch springs

I put a proma and a 82 jet on my stock pa50 ii and I want the pipe to hit earlier what clutch springs should I buy im looking at treats but their is all different spring sizes Thanks

Re: Hobbit clutch springs

I don't believe that treats carries them. You gotta go on ebay and get the Honda Dio/gy6 springs.

Like these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1K-Clutch-Springs-Performance-4Stroke-GY6-50cc-Honda-Dio-Scooter-Moped-/271126368931

You have to look around to find a US seller otherwise you'll end up waiting 2-4 weeks to have them shipped from China.

Re: Hobbit clutch springs

simon thokaar /

thought these ones are for hobbit. I ordered em to try on a v1 and gave em to a buddy of mine to put on his hobbit. He hasnt gotten around to it yet since the bike already wheelies and he is scared to make it more ignorant.

Re: Hobbit clutch springs


Re: Hobbit clutch springs

Re: Hobbit clutch springs

Thanks I ordered the yellow dio springs

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