Tomos timing?

I watched a great video about ignition timing setting on a puch. I want to do everything I can to make sure my bike is running as well as it can.

I ran into some noob questions while trying to find out info for setting proper timing on my tomos.

So my tomos has a CDI box. I dont know too much about what/how it works really but from I think i found from my search is that if it has a CDI it doesnt have points? Is there still a need for setting timing or trying to adjust anything?

Please explain as basic as possible.


Re: Tomos timing?

Cdi and points are two forms of ignition.

Points is a physical type where the actual breaker points contact a cam on the crank, as apposed to cdi where there is no physical contact.

With cdi ignitions the magneto will remain the same on the crank and the timing is adjusted by rotating the stator.

Look in the wiki for the cdi timing page.

Re: Tomos timing?

What year/ignition is your Tomos. The newest A55 CDI have fixed ignition timing that can't be changed. The rest can be adjusted by twisting the stator plate. Use a timing light to see where it is, and then twist the plate to advance or retard it. Aim for 1.8mm BTDC depending on which CDI you have.

Re: Tomos timing?

It is a 2001 tomos targa lx. Thanks for the info! I was wondering how far it should be.

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