Best carb for a "stock" tomos A35


I have a tomos targa lx that I am looking to get the most out of without kitting it. I am set on keeping it at 50cc or under.

I currently have a boss tecno exhaust as my only real performance upgrade.

It has the stock sha 14-16 dellorto carb with a 58 main jet. I'm a little confused by the carb/intake size though. If I go too large in diameter on a stock set up that will decrease performance right?

What is the ideal carb/intake/reeds/filter setup on an A35 with a performance exhaust that is not kitted?

Re: Best carb for a "stock" tomos A35

The stock carb is 14.12 not 14.16. The stock carb is just fine, and if you want a small bump a 14.14 because the 14.12 restricts down to 12mm at the choke opening.

A simple pipe is not limited by your stock carb.

Re: Best carb for a "stock" tomos A35

Ah, youre right!

I've been hearing many other carbs allow for much more fine tuning. Does the extra tuning only make a difference on a kitted bike?

Re: Best carb for a "stock" tomos A35

Keep the 14.12, maybe ad a pipe then up jet, mean while check basics, tire pressure/alignment in frame, wheel bearings , chain tension, timing, things like that cost little or nothing but add performance.

Re: Best carb for a "stock" tomos A35

15.15 is just great. i had a tecno circuit on mine and it was fun as hell.

Re: Best carb for a "stock" tomos A35

The fine tuning comes into play because as you take your bike farther and farther from stock it becomes difficult to get the SHA to have the right mixture EVERYWHERE. Most end up with the main jet so rich that the idle is garbage and mid range chokes. On a stock bike or lightly modified it really isn't an issue. Bump the jet up and blast. It will still run with stock like smoothness.

Re: Best carb for a "stock" tomos A35

Robert Phipps /

What does the sizes mean on the carbs is the mm for the size of the breather can someone help me

Re: Best carb for a "stock" tomos A35

15.15 sha click choke, thats the best carb

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