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I ride a 1978 jc penney pinto 2. I just purchased a puch techno estoril pipe to get some extra lower end torque and looked past getting the new jets somehow. I need recommendations for parts I need to pick up to match the pipe and not destroy my block. As well as getting new jets, was wondering if a new carb/intake would be a good idea. Also I am having trouble with the pedals and stand hitting the new pipe due to the expansion chamber. Any suggestions?

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Jets, 14 or 15 bing would be great. match the intake if possible and grab one of these for your pedals

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Dirty30 Dillon /

If you have a stock motor, don't worry about the carb and intake so long as you have a free flowing filter of some kind. 14 Bing's are great stock carbs.

Jets are a must, do not ride it without/before jetting.

As for the pedals, either bend the left hand crank out of the way, or buy the MLM pedal shaft extender.

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wow next level shit right here, so glad i clicked on the thread.

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Yep, this thread needs the best of the best in here right away.

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MLM makes great products, but personally I would buy a magnum length pedal crank shaft

and the correct sized spacer

It's a stronger combo. The MLM extenders can strip with a lot of pedal starting.

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If you take cotter pins out hammer them gently back in, don't try to pull them in with the nut it will strip.

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