78 jcpenney pinto 2

Just purchased a Puch Techno Estoril pipe to replace the stock cigar pipe that comes on the ped. Was wondering if I am ok to ride with just the new pipe on without changing the carb immediately or is this something that has to be done right away? Also having trouble getting a puch maxi seat to match up on the mounting pole of the pinto even though the website said they are compatible. Any suggestions? Thanks

Re: 78 jcpenney pinto 2

Should be done right away. Upjet 5 sizes or so, then work down sizes till there isn't a four stroke at WOT.

Re: 78 jcpenney pinto 2

havent had to do a bunch of engine work on this moped yet but what is the most efficient way to upjet? and will I need special parts/tools to do so?

Re: 78 jcpenney pinto 2

No special tools, just a screwdriver and a metric wrench. Remove the airfilter box, loosen the carburetor clamp bolt and turn the carb to the side so you can slide it out. Now remove the float bowl and the brass jet is in the center. Reverse the process to re-assemble. Install the largest jet first and work your way down until it just doesnt 4 stroke at wide open throttle.

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