pug vario travel mod (minor)

read the thread on worn teflon plate, and a reference to credit card shims.

i was wondering if i could just cut down the metal stops on the weights to allow farther travel.

as it is, i can push the cheek quite a bit after the weight bottoms out.

only downsides i can think of is increased loading on the teflon, or if the weights over travel and get stuck.

essentially shorten this arm:

i'm looking for why this is a bad idea?

Re: pug vario travel mod (minor)

Glenn Kuehn /

Re: pug vario travel mod (minor)

Dirty30 Dillon /

Interesting idea. While you're in there, pull out that rubber bit under the arm.

Re: pug vario travel mod (minor)

yup, just make sure the stop stops before something else crashes, you can totally eliminate the stop and put nuts on there if ya want to, but i think its good to have it stop against something, but i don't know why... just a hunch i guess.

Re: pug vario travel mod (minor)

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

i like this set up better.

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Dirty30 Dillon /

That just the malossi varplus Wayne?

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Glenn Kuehn /

different worlds, Wayne.

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#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

Dillon Ryan Wrote:


> That just the malossi varplus Wayne?

And thy rock off the line and on hills.

Some mod and tuning info.

Making Peugeot 101/102/103 take off at higher RPM's.


Sticking stock clutch remedies for Peugeot 101/102/103.


Stock Peugeot 103 Variator Mod's


Peugeot 103 belt info.


With Variotop variator belt info


Graham's blog


WIKI variator tuning information


Re: pug vario travel mod (minor)

Re: pug vario travel mod (minor)

Glenn Kuehn /

i had seen that damage from the stop, not pretty, so i kept the cut on my stops parallel to that plate.

multiple reassembly with 1 weight at a time to cut the least amount.

my ped has 10k on the (broken) odo, and there's definite wear divots on the nylon? cushion on the backside of the moveable cheek.

other threads suggest that travel tolerances weren't monitered there.

no belt, pry the weight to max travel, check for remaining cheek travel.

i'm not messing with weights yet, stocker, 2 balls removed, 1 star spring.

Re: pug vario travel mod (minor)

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