Honda express kit, pisses oil

put a 70cc kit on my express

rips, runs and rides great, top speed sumwhere in the low 40mph range with a weak-ends pipe

my ONLY complaint is that when I hit the powerband the breather on the back side of the trans PISSES oil all over the back tire

so I put a hose on that breather nipple and ran it really far away from the back wheel

it still shoots oil when u rip it but at least now its not on my tire..

anyone eever have this problem before with a kitted express?

ive had multiple non-kitted Honda express bikes and they never did this

Re: Honda express kit, pisses oil

Too much oil?

Re: Honda express kit, pisses oil

nope it was changed before the kit and the level was even w the fill bolt, only thing I can think is that the trans now spins sooo fast that it kicks oil up thru that breather, but that's only a guess

Re: Honda express kit, pisses oil

Your tans case is too full. Unless you had a massively blown crank seal there would be no pressure buildup in there. You are just slinging the oil at high speed. I filled mine to the bolt too and it would seep through the breather even when the bike was sitting, its too much. (edited)

Re: Honda express kit, pisses oil

okay good too know! thought maby their was a problem or idk

Re: Honda express kit, pisses oil

What weight did you use?

Overfill of trans oil/wrong weight is a common performance robber of nopeds.

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