Large Ring Gap on Gila

So I got this used gila kit to replace my dead one.

The cylinder and piston look pretty good, but the ring gap measures 0.35mm (0.014") About twice the recommended gap per the wiki page.

Is this wildly to large?

Should I be overly concerned with blow by and low compression?

I'd like to just really get it running again now without spending more $$ on new rings, but don't want to risk killing this kit.

Re: Large Ring Gap on Gila

Probably Fred /

Yes run it

I've ran 15-16 thou gap before .

Carbon forms and closes the gap but that's a good thing and a bad thing (too much build up is no good) so you may want to check it from time to time

Re: Large Ring Gap on Gila

Also because you have 2 rings on that piston its no problem. Think of it like a double paned window

Re: Large Ring Gap on Gila

Ryan Rice /

Thx for the input guys. I'll give it a shot as is then.

Re: Large Ring Gap on Gila

Should be ok as mentioned, just make sure that the lower ring's gap isn't tighter than the top one.

Re: Large Ring Gap on Gila

gilas r raddddddddddddddddddd

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