a35 tomos need a parts list

ok so i got a 93 tomos golden bulett tt lx 2 speed automatic with an a35 engine

so i started slappin parts on

-15 mm sha carb

-15mm sha intake

-79mm jet

-airsal 70cc kit 44mm piston

-25t front sprocket

-tecno estorol exhaust

-crome piston rings

-320mm rfy nitrogen rear shocks

new clutches

new springs



everything i thought i needed

also waiting on a 26t rear sprocket .

stock f 26t my gearing plan f 25t

r 22t r 26t

for all the torque im trying to build a gas gas bike from it

ok so i put this all on and hit the rd and everything was goin fine till i hit a downhill section and the speedo spun all the way back to 0 without signs of slowing . was stock speedo but im guessing around 65 or more

something in the bottom end gave out where the piston arm meets the crank now pops n cracks moves a bit also

decided to go with the aluminum stuffed racer crank thing from treat.tv


so now my question should i just replace the pin at crank connection .or..crank n all ...

if i replace crank n all should i go with better than stock bearings ?. if so what kind ?. i was lookin at ceramic bearings claim high rpm .

my main question is

any other parts i should go ahead and grab while im at it ??///?////////


Re: a35 tomos need a parts list


Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

It sounds like you toasted the big end connecting rod bearing. If you take a look at it, I bet the counterweights are blued from all the heat. If you're lucky that's it, but if the rollers get loose it can take the cylinder and piston out with it. You could use an aftermarket crank like the aluminum stuffed racing crank, or have the existing crank rebuilt with a new rod kit. Make sure to use something with high quality bearings. Same goes for the main bearings, you don't need ceramic bearings, but you should use high quality bearings from a name brand. Why are you running lower gearing than stock? Stock is 26x22. Running something like 28x22 will help lower the rpm. I imagine with the 15 carb and estoril you probably aren't going to rev that high on level ground, but blasting down hill is a good way to wreck something. If you're going to run silly high rpms you'll also need to increase the amount of oil in your premix. (edited)

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

The reason I'm gearing it so low is because its still supposed to be a stock moped. And where I live I have 15 % to 25% grades all over the place. I got tired of climbing hills at 15 in first gear

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

the piston and cylinder have like 6 mikes on em . and once i herd it give i stopped and got someone to come get me

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

Probably Fred /

Ya post for a running a35 engine on buy/sell because it sounds like you wasted yours .

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

Actually I have all new parts except for the crank and the bearings other than that everything is brand new. I wasn't quite expecting 70 I was kinda hoping it would just go up hills better

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

When you tear down the engine you'll have to inspect everything to make sure it's still usable. What are you doing running 65 downhill on a kit with only 6 miles on it? Up hill isn't the problem it's down hill that is causing the excessive rpm. For example lets assume you were actually doing 65 downhill (which is probably a bit optimistic).

With stock 26x22 gearing that would put the rpm's at 13,035. That's double the stock maximum rpm.

25x22 would bring it up to 13,557 rpm at 65.

25x26 would be 16,022 at 65.

Use the brakes and keep it under 10k if you want it to last (40mph with 25x26 or 48 with 25x22)

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

what i want in an indestructible a35 at any rpm up to 20,000

any suggestions

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

money isnt the prob bob .... prob is the lack of id .

the real question is how can i make the engine unbreakable

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

at any rpm

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

It's a moped not a formula 1, 20k really? Never hold up. I bet you saw some racing moped and thought they last forever ,no just enough to get through a race. Then tear it down and rebuild. Stock frames are not stable at that speed, get a motorcycle.

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

There is no such thing, not for a moped, or any other type of engine. I don't know anything about running an engine as fast as possible downhill with no load, but I have to wonder how high the engine will actually rev with a top end limiting pipe, small carb and airsal cylinder. On level ground I don't think that setup would turn more than 10k. A stock tomos cdi would cut out somewhere around there, and points would probably be useless over 11k. The pipe and carb would obviously limit rpm also. A large part of the problem may be lubrication. The faster the engine turns, the more oil it needs. Since you stopped right after the engine died, pull the top end and see how much oil is in the crankcase. I bet it's nearly dry.

r vance Wrote:


> the real question is how can i make the engine

> unbreakable

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

i have a motorcycle Kawasaki gpz 305 and a crotch rocket honda rvt 1000 . just no license just lookin for another 6 months of fun before i can get back to 186mph. tryin to add a turbo before i get em back so that i can reach out n touch 200.

gives me chills just thinkin about it

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

so im runnin 40-1 now what do you think i should run .

also i got the supper stuffy aluminum race crank good to 16,000 rpm . hope it will relive my problem

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list


Your tranny is the downfall on your a35. There is a hammer clutch second gear that may help you, but then other parts will fail. The stock speedo is very optimistic and very inaccurate, maybe you hit 45-50'ish..haha..

The a35 isn't built for crazy rpms..hate to burst your bubble, but it will all end in failure over and over again..ask me how I know..seriously..

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

charles darwin had a theory about this...


Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

where I live there are steep hills everywhere I'm not expecting around 50 and 60 I just wanted to climb hills above 15

anyone got any ideas on some indestructible parts so I can hold 45

or maybe something that will limit the top speed

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

Dirty30 Dillon /

You did not hit 65.

And A35's are some of the least "indestructable" engines I can think of... probably because they came on a moped.

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

hammer clutch ? where and price ?


Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

ok so i got the crank seals and bearings and new supper stuffy crank

got it open put new bearings in and cant get case to close all the way . grrrrr

any suggestions .

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

Maybe you didn't heat the cases up enough for the bearings to fully seat?

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

ive got everything back together now but the clutch springs and piston rings . any hints or tips

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

Use c-clamps or vise grips for the clutch springs, work your way around and use a clamp to hold the spring in the slot while you get the last part over those little metal tabs. Put the rings in the cylinder, slide them down with the piston about an inch, measure the gap with a feeler gauge if the gap is too small you'll need to file the end a little bit. Now carefully instal the rings onto the piston (make sure the ends are right side up, and if you have two different rings make sure to put them in the right place). They will open up just enough to fit, but too much will snap them. When you install the piston align the ring ends with the pins in the ring groove and compress the rings with your thumb and index finger on the side of the piston where the transfers are, then slide the cylinder down with the other hand. Go slow, if it doesn't fit you're doing something wrong so try again.

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

broke one ring and found a small paperclip size clip ate up in the tranny . need to order a couple things ..

any place to see all the tranny parts . or a place to order all the shims and clips for tranny as a set .

ps clutch springs are a bitch next go around im just adding new material without taking em apart

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

how far can i run it on 1 ring ?/?

has like 6 miles on new cylinder one brand new ring

and a missing tranny return spring . also seems my stepdad decided to replace a shim with a homemade shim but i cant tell where yet i need to find out what im missing and in what order they go back . other than that all is new ....

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

You can find scans of the parts manual on the web, they'll give you a pretty good picture of all the parts side by side. It would run with just the top ring, but it would be better to have both.

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

missing the tranny return spring and the shims are all wrong . gonna have to compare a bit and try to see the tolerances and just how much wiggle room to allow

also got rings on the way .. and the return spring

waiting to find all the shims in a kit of sort . or at least find the ones im missing . all the pictures ive seen are a35 and a55 in one pic are there more parts in the picture than i would have but from what im seeing from mine and that one is about 7 pieces or more shy inside the cover that is

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

Look here then measure your own within tolerance..

Re: a35 tomos need a parts list

thank you muchly tj

ive got it all back together but it sounds like something is grinding and im still missing the gear return spring

also when i cracked it open there was a part inside the case that was eaten up slightly directly in front of the petal shaft near the chain .

either way it don't sound good at this time and im trying to get it right before winter .. and i don't want to damage anything further

im gonna try to get a short video in the morning just to show what im talking about

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