Vespa lighting, ways to make it brighter?

What are some inexpensive ways I can get some really bright lights. Any advice would be appreciated, and maybe a list of some well known good bulbs/part numbers. (edited)

Re: Vespa lighting, ways to make it brighter?

Drive faster, okay , no seriously. The faster you go the brighter, I have had the problem of keeping bulbs. the 6v bulbs blow out. I have blown out every bulb from the headlight, and speedometer to the brake light. I have moved to all 12v bulbs.. they seem dim at first but with a bit more rpms they are plenty bright. does your vespa come equipped with a battery? if so get a new 6v battery.. I use the sealed walmart kind.. they are alittle bigger than stock but have more power and don't leak like the stock replacement batteries.

Re: Vespa lighting, ways to make it brighter?

Kinetic 12v light coil paired with a regulator / rectifier. You'll probably have to float the ground, conveniently with that coil the ground end of the wire is bolted down with a connector so it's easy.

There's also a tricky way to wire the three-coil setup for 12v.


~M (edited)

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