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I have a couple of Puches that I am getting tuned up. I am seeing between 310-340 deg head temp after a few miles. I have heard that less than 400 is OK but in reality are these temps OK for a 50cc bike with some tuning with OAT's around 75-80 and sea Level?


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That's on the hot side for a Puch, especially if it's 50cc. If that were a Hobbit I would say that it's a fantastic temp range but people with kitted Puch are typically around 250 to 300.

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Overpriced Parts /

Too hot of unchecked stock timing.

Set timing to 14.5° before top dead center and see how much cooler it runs

It may run near 75° cooler with corrected timing

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Thanks guys,

Will do, I have a timing light and will set it up at 14deg.


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Brent Bublitz /

Nah, my kitted E50 runs 300-340. Maxed at 360 Been running great.

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