Tuning My Tomos(es)

I'm trying to dial in my two tomos(es) and i just had some questions.

The first one is a 2010 (?) Tomos Revival, the PO put on a Biturbo on, and that was it. I would think that it needs to be upjetted as well, but riding it around itll start 4 stroking at the 30mph mark. From the research I've done that means it is too rich, so in turn I would need to downjet. Something seems inherently wrong.

So far what I've tried is removing the airbox and cleaning the filter out. It seems to have helped a little bit in the lower speeds (accelerates faster but I may be biased. It's my girlfriends ped) but it is still 4 stroking up top.


Next up is a early 90's Tomos TTLX. It has a 14.12 dellorto carb, a tekno bullet pipe. I ordered a 62 jet and installed it but I have no real gains. I'm assuming I upjetted too much. I've tried a 61 and 62 jet with similar results.

Before I order size 56-60 jets, just wanted to make sure that I am ordering the right thing and that I have some other problem that i Need to address.

Thanks ahead of time

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