While I have the jug off my Kentic..

Since I'm going to have to pull the jug and head off my Kenetic to replace the gasket that didn't seal the first time around, I was wondering is there anything I could do to it to gain any more power from it?

Seems like I read on a Wiki about enlarging the intake port on a carb and possibly the exhaust port but don't think this applies to a Kenetic/Ciao engine.

Someone suggested no using a headgasket to bump the C/R up a bit. As of now I think that is my problem. Because the jug to crankcase gasket is loosing compression. And possibly at the cylinder head since I reused the gasket.

Would it be safe to skim 1mm off the head?

I am going to build a custom exhaust with an expansion chamber once I get the engine running.

Re: While I have the jug off my Kentic..

No. Get it running good in stock form before you try to modify anything. Otherwise you would just be creating a huge headache for yourself.

Re: While I have the jug off my Kentic..

Take it slow turbo, do some more searching and reading, this, for example: https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/read.php?7,2753326,3680039#msg-3680039. Most importantly, like saab said, assemble it carefully with a good base gasket and get it running well so you have a baseline.

There's a guide in the wiki, with pictures, on how to enlarge the intake, but you would have to split the cases again for that.

How much you can safely take off the head depends on your castings/machining and what gaskets you use. You'll need to figure out what your squish (piston to head clearance) is, and what is a safe minimum.



Re: While I have the jug off my Kentic..

Dirty30 Dillon /

Because the Vespa style motor is rotary induction, you can't effect change to the intake without splitting the cases.

I wouldn't run without a head gasket unless you plan on lapping the cylinder and head mating surfaces on something that has less than a .01" deviance per foot.

If you don't have a granite slab/thick piece of plate glass/honing stone, than don't run without a gasket.

In terms of building your own expansion chamber, I doubt you will be more successful than just buying one, and you'll probably be happier and not spend as much.

The Tecno circuit pipe is super affordable and gives a nice boost, although not the best.

Re: While I have the jug off my Kentic..

some hillbilly shit you made fit your janked kinetic<tecno<proma<simo circuit<polini top one<simo calibratta

Re: While I have the jug off my Kentic..

what every one else said. also... run a vespa stock head, the kinetic ones are completely stupid as hell. vespa ones have a better squish design, and higher compression.

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