Thumb operated rear brake !

timothy rendall /

Hello. I have a puch maxi z50 two speed and it has a rear brake thats worked by pedalling backwards. now that is fine on a road bike but, i want to make the z50 into a bit of a racer.

Here in the "UK" we have to keep the pedals to be road legal !

I want to use it on the road to make sure it all works fine before i use it to go racing with.

As the pedals will come off when racing.

So i'm going to fit a standard maxi wheel and brake.

The thing is, the Z50 has a hand operated gear change lever where the rear brake lever goes.

So i thought i would fit a "Thumb operated rear brake lever" like they have on "GP bikes"

Now has any one ever fitted one and if so could you give me any info / spec on how you did it !

Thank you in advance for you replies :)

Re: Thumb operated rear brake !

Princess Rapunzel /


Re: Thumb operated rear brake !

Interesting idea, but if you plan to remove the pedals to race it then why not rig up a removable foot brake lever?

Re: Thumb operated rear brake !

timothy rendall /

I have thought about a removable able foot brake but where to fit it?

As i have said we have to keep the pedals and they must work so there are problems as where to fit it?

I have been looking on ebay and i have seen hydraulic "ATV" levers but i'm not too sure how they work as they have two levers?

My first thought was to use a old style "80's" BMX alloy lever and clamp turned backwards.

The only thing is, if i do, will it have enough leverage/power to be effective?

Re: Thumb operated rear brake !

Well, the where is easy. If you're removing the pedals to race then get a lever that floats on the pedal shaft held on by a chopped up pedal arm (just use where it bolts to the shaft; cut the rest off). Or... if you're running with no pedals, where are you putting your feet anyway? Just build a complete set of removable rear sets for race day.

Re: Thumb operated rear brake !

timothy rendall /

I've got a set of foot rests that fit onto the rear shocks .

When i'm on the track i'll have a proper rear brake peddle, it's just for the road shake down with peddles I need the thumb brake

I did think of making a stick shift on the tank and just use a standard lever, but that seamed to much trouble.

The trouble is just the gear change lever, it's just a real pain. If you've never seen one it's just like a Vespa scoter gear change.

But i don't have to put up with tuning the clutch etc.

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