polini 50 problem

Marcus Pimentel /

Hey guys, I have a polini 50 for my honda scoopy. It runs a 19 dell'orto carb (95 jet), doppler intake, malossi vl2 reeds, polini vario. It became apparent to me that I was having trouble with the bike. It won't start unless you hold throttle quarter throttle then you hold it full throttle. Then it won't hold idle. Ive adjusted the needle setting, jetted down, and it still wont run. Ive checked the plugs. They are fouled by gas. Yet the bike runs lean. I thought to leave it for a day or two and try again but no luck. I think the reeds are part of the reason. Can someone please help me out?



Re: polini 50 problem

post a pic?

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