15.15 sha on bat

I hooked up a 15.15 sha with a 52 jet on a stock m48 and it was pretty wack. Started but wouldnt idle right, and then died. Wouldnt start again. Pretty new to this, what should I do to get this working? I am waiting on an m56 adapter so I can put that on. I also have a 14.12 sha that i could put on. Suggestions, tips, and tricks are a big up. Thanks MA

Re: 15.15 sha on bat

Dirty30 Dillon /

A 12.12/13.13 Vespa-style SHA would work better, as the intake on an m48 is only like 12mm anyways.

What speed is the engine? Header size?

A 52 seems small, but really is huge. a stock vespa with an SHA 12.12 has like a 46/47.

Re: 15.15 sha on bat

Well, I got this intake too >> https://www.treatland.tv/moped-factory-batavus-laura-M48-reed-intake-up-p/moped-factory-batavus-intake.htm

The header size it 22mm. I guess I should wait until I put the m56 head with the 26mm header before I ask these questions.

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