puch pietcard cdi

sooo, what sup with these? i have great spark, but anyone have one functioning and want to show me what your stator looks like? ... i feel like the timing is way off. does the stator need to be drilled out? or mounted differently? or am I just blowing it?

pics are great! (e50)

Re: puch pietcard cdi

you shoot it with a light and adjust it accordingly?

Re: puch pietcard cdi

Well. Bike won't start so I can't strobe it if I wanted to...

Just rebuilt engine. Should be good to go , hence I'm wondering if the timing is way off

Re: puch pietcard cdi

Blow what up..?

Re: puch pietcard cdi

Blowing it. Like "failing". Ha.

Re: puch pietcard cdi

so, can i rely on the stock stator mounts and woodruff key for timing?

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