motobecane traveler av7

stephen haverty /

So I just got myself a 1980 traveler that's definitely a fixer-up-er. The exhaust is shot and its 4 stroking all over the place. This is my first motive and, my last bike was a Sachs 504. So Im planing on upgrading the variator and maybe put a 70cc kit. What would be the best and most affordable way to go on a new variator? And any other advice on other things to make it better? I plan on throwing a dellorto 15 and new intake and an aftermarket exhaust. I plan on keeping the pedals for awhile. It starts right up but it bogs all over the place. Thanks for any info.

Re: motobecane traveler av7

The carb needs a good cleaning. Run a copper wire strand down through the idle orifices to clean them too.

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