Vespa / Kinetic rear brake lever mod

I had to do this a while ago when I put the wide kinetic pad on to the vespa trans. I was never getting full rear brake engagement, even though it felt like it on the lever, and this was why. I am running a vespa trans in a Kinetic hub/wheel, so it might not be as much of an issue on most setups, but some may still find it helpful, especially with worn brake pad or lever components.

First, the different brake pads available, kinetic, vespa wide, vespa skinny:

I noticed the vespa lever bottomed out before i got full pad engagement in the drum (a little hard to see with the sharpie already marking where i'm going to shave it).

I compared the levers, the Kinetic lever is clearanced there, and the 'finger' was not as worn, so it got me awesome engagement, but it is shorter so provides less leverage.


Vespa and kinetic_Rear_Brake_Pads.jpg

Re: Vespa / Kinetic rear brake lever mod

so I opted to clearance the longer vespa lever where marked for more leverage. Now my rear brake is stronger than the front.

Hope some of You find this helpful,


~M (edited)

Vespa and Kinetic rear brake levers.jpg

Re: Vespa / Kinetic rear brake lever mod

Dirty30 Dillon /

Cool write up, never really considered that obstruction.

Re: Vespa / Kinetic rear brake lever mod

Thanks! I just made a Vespa Brakes page in the wiki Vespa / Kinetic section, focusing on the rear pad tip, and kind of snuck it in there at the bottom.

Re: Vespa / Kinetic rear brake lever mod

I like this.

Re: Vespa / Kinetic rear brake lever mod

Randy Johnson II /

Nice to know, my kinetic rear brake works well but won't lock the rear tire. Might try this but still don't want the rear tire to lock.

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