reed valves make tuning easy?

has a puch maxi w/ Athena 70cc 20phbg (2cycle atomizer&bushing) 77 main w9 needle and 40 slide high flow filter and shitty rpm limiting boss pipe. can pull the choke at any throttle position at any rpm and get sputter. just finished a safari with polini 80 on the v1 with a mid/hi rpm zen pipe. 21 phbg (2cycle atomizer&bushing) 80 main 40 slide went from w7 to w9 needle and still have filthy rich first 1/4 throttle like pull the choke it stops combustion all together. after 1/4 throttle you can pull tht choke all day makes no difference at all still screaming. doesn't really seem to matter high or low rpm just anymore that 1/4 throttle it leans out. leans out a lot it seems like. higher main jet would flood light throttle more or no? I wanna try my 85main next. this have to do with being piston port??? im not sure what different atomizers do for carb function either.. I probably shouldnt compare but im wondering why 80main jet seems small on the v1 but 77main is plenty for the athena e50. the puch is just so even across the board this mofo needs boosts here and cuts there.. p ports always so whacky since intake charge is constantly back and forthing?

Re: reed valves make tuning easy?

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Your post is very hard to read and understand .

You should put it in paragraph form.

I don't know because I can't understand much of what your saying but the Athena is a piston port kit right? Is your clutch tuned super slippy so it gets into the pipe right away or no ?

Re: reed valves make tuning easy?

my fault ill set the bowl down..

Athena has reeds. plus got a 3 shoe adjustable so it does get a chance to spin up.

v1 is stock clutch which tears ass from a stop when its cold. 5 min into the ride and it deff starts grabbing early, I guess it is heat fade on the springs. unless its the bushing dragging on the crank but I hope not.

tried atf, synthetic gear oils, nd 30weight and the fluids don't make much difference clutch acts the same. if I had funds for the hammer right now..

I guess ill try the 85main I just wonder why the reed need such smaller jet unless they just that much more efficient.

Re: reed valves make tuning easy?

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No your way off .

The Athena set up I did had a 21phbg 262 AU, #7 needle, 42 idle, 96 jet and 40 slide.

Maybe you broke a reed . You did change the metal reeds to fiber right?

Re: reed valves make tuning easy?

They be carbon reeds. Yea wow thts much different maybe is location relative to sea level or just my restrictive pipe idk. Doesnt run lean tho.

U run no air filter? ¡ did that once i had to run it choke open i image id have to jet up pretty good for that.

Re: reed valves make tuning easy?

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Check what atomizer you have

What bushing ?

Re: reed valves make tuning easy?

i tried reading this thread but it hurts my face.

try tuning sober, or even just slightly less high, it makes things easier. you gotta find the proper weed-into-your-head jetting for mo-pro-ductivity.

and if you are going to post on MA for help, learn how to form a sentence.

Re: reed valves make tuning easy?

Yeaah Graham! I wondered how long that would take. Ken was being so nice!

Never mentioned what exactly was IN the bowl either but hey good guess.

Ill check the atomizer tonight im gonna throw a jet at it. Its w/e comes in the 19 20 and 21 phbg. Im thinking they were all the same when had them out.

Could be pulling air past a seal for all i know, the way it smokes regardless of premix oil used im sure its getting a little from the trans. Im down to 60:1 with dominator and still too much puffin in my opinion.

Thanks for taking time to post guys i appreciate it.

Just wondered if reeds make for a more uniform tune, oh and ken, about tht simo pipe... yea 8000 seems a little high to start pulling. Props for the heads up.

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