do I need to score/sand/hone the e50 clutch bell?

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Decided I'd see what kind of a difference it would make if I tightened the springs in my stock clutch (lots of hills, and I'm not a small dude).

Alas couldn't find a scale to test tension (as per Garth's guide with the fish scale). I'm okay with flying blind in the meantime until I can get my hands on one.

I've searched around on the forums and can't seem to find any clutch tuning threads that talk about the bell as opposed to the dozens about springs and shoes and stuff. I know on the Wiki page , it mentions "Old clutch lining can get hard and glassy. This causes a lot of slip and it can only be solved by replacing the shoes or lining. " but I don't know if that's talking about the inside of the drum or something else.

I've snapped a pic of my drum, you can feel that the shoes have dug into it over the years, but it doesn't look as haggard as I was expecting. Does it need any attention?


clutch bell.jpg

Re: do I need to score/sand/hone the e50 clutch bell?


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