ZA50 Clutch

Fully adjusted clutch cable. When pulling the leaver to start engine, the leaver touches the grip/handle bar. IT slips, then grabs,when squeezing the lever really hard. Is something worn in the trans?

Re: ZA50 Clutch

Maybe, or maybe your cable or lever is not adjusted right

Re: ZA50 Clutch

Probably Fred /

Set clutch preload :

Take cabke off turn adjuster on engine until wheel drags, then turn around 5 turns out, put cable back and try it

Re: ZA50 Clutch

So.... it's an adjustment. Well.... it is... a new cable install, that I did.

Re: ZA50 Clutch

Did you check the condition of the starter clutch? I had the welds break on one side of it. Made it hard to grip.

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