Minarelli: blue pietcard weak spark

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V1 polini 80cc

I have all pietcard setup, blue card, ignition coil, light coil.

I am using a CEV magnet and stock stator plate.

NGK BR7HS spark plug

I get blue spark at high rpms but it is very difficult to start and once its running it will not idle unless i give it gas and then it dies out. No air leaks as the engine was completely rebuilt.

I've drilled out plate to advance timing further and still no improvement.

Any suggestions or technical insight?

Re: Minarelli: blue pietcard weak spark

You want to retard the ignition, Doug. Did it idle before installing the pietcard? You could take the spark plug out and spin with a drill to see where the timing is at or what it is doing. Make two marks on the flywheel, then shoot it with a timing light. (edited)

Re: Minarelli: blue pietcard weak spark

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plug gag, wiring, timing, jetting, or you just can't tune?

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