Tomos A55 Performance

I just got a 2008 Tomos Targa LX with a 64cc kit. It wasn't running, but with a little fortitude, I conquered the problem (Flooding due to a bent float bowl "float pin") This beautiful machine has a Biturbo exhaust that came with the "Airsal" kit.

First of all - It decelerates with a decided jumpiness. It accelerates fine, and has a top speed around 45 mph, (Not sure, because speedometer is very erratic), and I believe the machine is way too loud! Its hard to describe the deceleration but sort of like: Wow -- Wow -- Wow -- Wow! and the machine actually jumps a bit with each "Wow".

I'm curious to hear if anyone else has had similar results, and what if any fixes, ideas or suggestions might be forthcoming.

Re: Tomos A55 Performance

The biturbo exhausts do not come with Airsal kits from the factory...some shops pair them as sort of a 'speed package'. Biturbo exhausts are known to be loud. You can try to repack the baffle to quiet it down, but I'd try to live with it or just buy a different pipe (like tecno boss or tecno circuit depending on your powerband preference).

Have you ridden two strokes in the past? I think that the first time someone gets on a peakier two stroke (like your kitted bike), they're baffled by the strange deceleration/acceleration. BUT depending on what speeds this is happening it, it could definitely be a clutch/transmission quirk. Kitted A35 and A55 Tomoses notoriously have issues with clutch shoe wear. Step one would be replacing your tranny fluid (probably a good idea if you don't know when it was done last). Checking the clutches is slightly more difficult but still not too bad.

Re: Tomos A55 Performance

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

Drill out the rivets on the exhaust, and repack the baffle, install new rivets.

Stretch the fibers, and pack loosely, for a quiet bike. Lasts about 30 hours before it starts getting loud again.

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