Tune a Trac Biturbo

Just hacked a stock exhaust for my trac DP50 2 speed. Put it onto a 2 piece Biturbo I had around.

First run I extended the expansion chamber as far as it would go.

Bike maybe a little faster on the top end.

Second run moved the chamber in half way.

Still a little faster.

The biturbo header is short, should I cut the Trac header down to the biturbo's size, or is there a way to test the best length before I make any cuts?

photo 3.JPG
photo 4.JPG
photo 1.JPG

Re: Tune a Trac Biturbo

changing the head length effectively shifts the power curve.

longer header == more power in low RPMS

shorter header == more power in higher RPMS

you can always make it shorter if ya think its too long.

there are fancy moby pipes where the header length changes as the engine variates

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