19/21mm PHBG intakes

I've got a Magnum with a 72cc Airsal kit and 19mm PHBG BS carb (the one that mounts with a rubber hose/hose clamps). My wife has a Maxi with a 70cc Treats kit and 15.15 SHA carb. Because we're getting a little sick of dealing with the leaky SHA, I've decided to give her my 19mm PHBG and get a 21mm for my Mag but I'm having trouble finding intakes for both applications.

Even if I do find a suitable square-port intake, how much trouble will I have getting the 19mm PHBG to fit on a Maxi? The 15.15 SHA is stuffed in there at a slight angle as it is...

Regarding my setup, someone told me I can clamp the 21mm carb onto the existing 19mm intake but that sounds like hogwash. I'd much rather pair it with the right size intake. My Magnum is janky enough!

I'm most likely over-thinking this. Any ideas?

Re: 19/21mm PHBG intakes

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Puch maxi exhaust header, match the treats kit square port to round a little or don't

Re: 19/21mm PHBG intakes

Thanks Ken. How important is it to match the ports? Some people tell me not to bother, others make it seem like it will be the end of the world if they don't match up.

Re: 19/21mm PHBG intakes

Also, not to be a pain in the ass but that only answered one of my questions.

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