Sachs Air Filter

Saw this on ebay... any benefit to cutting the stock air filter as shown? It should give more air flow, but thinking it would weaken the rubber gasket and make it not last as long?

Re: Sachs Air Filter

The remake filters are made so the inlet in the rubber can be opened up to allow more airflow.

Re: Sachs Air Filter

Brent Bublitz /

That gasket does not have a lot of stress, so sure, cut it. You would get much more gain from adding a decent exhaust pipe though.

Re: Sachs Air Filter

I have the giannelli on the bike. I'm also working on an attachment to add any performance air filters. But, in the mean time. I'll proceed with cutting this. I just had not seen that done before. Thanks!

Re: Sachs Air Filter

up jet.

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