V1 clutch assymbly question

Ok all, a question:

Assembling a V1 clutch.

Would you put the pressure pads (spring loaded buttons on each pad) on the inboard plate, or the outboard plate?

Does it matter?

Re: V1 clutch assymbly question

the shoes.. with the holes facing you! always. i took a bunch apart.. the springs and weight/brake things always face me, been hit in the forehead.. ouch.

Re: V1 clutch assymbly question

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

Re: V1 clutch assymbly question

That's what I needed ed, thanks.

Lol - hit you in the face. I have chased those little pads all over the garage when they pop out. Even when you know they are there, they sneak up on ya and pop out flying somewhere you can't find. It is to the point now, that I pull them apart inside a large plastic bag. When they pop, they can't go anywhere but in the bag. :-)

Wayne, I had all that info already. All those mods have been made. Also installed needle bearings on the bell. I just wasn't sure which way the shoes went in the case. Not sure it really matters. I guess the slanted groves in the pads could push the clutch inboard or outboard some, so maybe it could matter.

Anyway, Ed confirms the artwork shown in the manual. The button springs face outboard. That's what I will do.

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