clutch brace? maybe no? hope so

Just me with another rookie question... so im working on my new 3 shoe clutch putting in blue springs and what not when I terrible thought entered my head "what if I bend it?" think I need a brace?? I have a 50cc kstar cylinder with a hi hi head, a techno circuit exhaust and 15mm bing (how exciting?) trying to get more low end powah ya know

Re: clutch brace? maybe no? hope so

You should be good as they tend to bend with higher rpm/hp motors...

Re: clutch brace? maybe no? hope so

most of the time clearance with the clutch bell is the issue with a clutch brace. Don't just tap holes and screw it on. It will drag on the clutch bell. You have to at least grind down the clutch posts where the circlips are. I wouldn't grind it down to remove the circlips, I'd grind it down right where the circlips start so you can still use them. Then, the actual clutch brace is what keeps the circlip down on the post. Does this make sense?

Also, make sure you shim your clutch drum/bell properly! There's a guy who sells a clutch shim pack here on moped army. Buy those. If there's too much slop with your clutch starter pressure plate, this is not good. Shimming info can be found in the service manual pdf.

Re: clutch brace? maybe no? hope so

Yep you are going all out on lower torque with that head and pipe on a high rpm cylinder. Just curious what the compression test on it is?

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