Derbi stock spacer?

It appears there is a spacer on my stock derbi. Is this normal? Is it required? It is about 3mm thick.

I have not taken the head off to inspect the spacing at the top.

It is a pyramid reed.

Re: Derbi stock spacer?

Downhill Harvey (OFMC) /

You mean a 3mm head gasket, or 3mm base gasket? The only spacer I know of is the restricter/spacer between the variator cheeks. Pics?

Re: Derbi stock spacer?

3mm base gasket. I will try and snap a photo later.

The bike is from Ohio, and Ohio bikes tend to have speed restrictions on them.

Re: Derbi stock spacer?

I got a PP derbi from Iowa and one from Indiana and they both had the same jumbo base gasket. Thought it was effecting the port timing, but everything cleared nicely with it installed and it ran crappy with a skinny one, so I wouldn't call it a restriction.

Re: Derbi stock spacer?

you need it.

Re: Derbi stock spacer?

Need em.

Re: Derbi stock spacer?

Thanks. I won't touch it. :)

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