Motobecane 7 lagging

So I recently got a poorly running 7. Today, I got it running great! I was finally able to zoom around town without fear of it dying. However, it seems to lag before it gets up to speed. Is this normal? I'm not very familiar with the performance of these old mopeds. Here's what I'm running right now:

Stock AV7 motor

Stock Gurtner carb (I have a Dellorto 14.12 but am waiting to put it on)

Variator clutch...the guy I bought it from put this on. I know it shouldn't be on the 7. I have a dimoby but need to clean it up a little and grease it.

Any help/suggestions would be great!

Re: Motobecane 7 lagging

I would say slap that dimoby on there and give it a shot and see if its changed at all.

Is it lagging when you first start it up and stays that way when it warms up or is it fine when you first start it but then progressively gets worse?

Re: Motobecane 7 lagging

I'm hoping the dimoby helps out. I can't believe the guy put a variator on it. I cringe each time I see the motor move...

It stays the same from the start of the ride all the way until the end. I've been riding it about 20 minutes each time. It's not a bad lag. The motor isn't hesitating or anything like that. It just seems slower compared to videos I have seen/other people on mopeds around town.

There was a new development today though. It was raining when I road it into work today, and I went through a puddle and the engine revved up and gave me a boost...I'm starting to think that there might be an airleak at the exhaust. Any way to confirm this? If this is the case how can I fix it? I don't see any gaskets where the exhaust attaches to the engine. Just a big ass nut. Is there some kind of metal on metal seal inside? I'm worried to pull it off and get stuck with a mess...

Thanks for your input!

Re: Motobecane 7 lagging

Re: Motobecane 7 lagging

Ahhhh I see. Perfect!


Re: Motobecane 7 lagging

Yeah, I think I probably have an extra one at my house if you don't feel like waiting for shipping.

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