70cc kit with 50cc head. V1

Scott Tallian /

If i were to buy a 70cc kit for my v1, do i need to buy a matching head.

I have done a 70cc kit with a stock 50cc head on my puch before but am not 100% sure about Minarelli..

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Re: 70cc kit with 50cc head. V1

Will it work? Yes.

Will it work better with a properly sized and squished head? Yes.

Will it work poorly? Not really...until you run it with a proper head and say "what was I thinking?"

Have I personally gone down both roads? Yep!

If you have the money, get one of these or these and have someone cut the squish for you. The squish is extremely important. If you don't get it cut, I would just stick with the stock head. Another option is cut the squish with the stocker.

Graham did this one for me a few years back. He cut a nice counter-bore for the copper gasket I was using. Thing worked incredibly well on my Polini kit.

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Re: 70cc kit with 50cc head. V1

Scott Tallian /

Thanks for the info. Helps a ton.

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