QT50 60cc what carb jets?

Dan Haines /

Just about to fit a 60cc upgrade to my MS50 (same engine as QT50). Its running the stock carb and exhaust.

What are your recommendations for carb jetting for optimum performance? I've also got a PW50 rear gear installed.

Re: QT50 60cc what carb jets?

Dan Haines /
vip OP

Also, I'll be fitting Boyeson reeds at some point, so please factor this in. Thanks

Re: QT50 60cc what carb jets?

matt boda1nz /

Skip the Boyesen reeds.. I can at best tell you that. Waste of time. I have had kitted and stock bikes run better on stock steel.

Go to the local motorcycle shop and ask for large round mikuni jets.

Get a 75 80 85 90

Start with the 90, back it off from there. It should be too rich with 90 hopefully. If an 85 cleans it up and runs strong try an 87.5.

Those aren't dial you in perfect jet sizes.. just giving you an idea of what to do. (edited)

Re: QT50 60cc what carb jets?

PW 80 carb ( Ebay under $20) , dremel out yor intake to open it up some and add the boysen reeds. Someone will chime in with jet sizes, or read up on jetting and read your plug, or jet up untill you 4 stroke & drop down untill it cleans up .

40's with this set up, or add Pw 50 hole shot clutch springs and a tomos pipe like the Bi turbo or boss fit with slight mods. Then upper 40's!

Great bikes ! Good luck

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