Spark plug affect performance?

Hey all! =)

What is the recommended spark plug for a 43mm cylinder 63cc, 13/13 carb, polini top one and some other minor stuff?

I currently have a "B8HS" spark plug which was greased to death after a twostroke-oil-miscalculation... (6% oil mixture - hope nothing else got broken)

Re: Spark plug affect performance?

I usualy use b7hs on just about everything. I tried a bu8hs but it kept fouling so i got off that ride.

Re: Spark plug affect performance?

Thx - good straight reply! Ill get one of those then.

Re: Spark plug affect performance?

I would recommend properly mixing your oil first to see if the b8 is correct for your kit. Some kits like colder plugs, some like hotter. I run a b9 on one engine and a b11 on another. There is no 'one plug for every setup'.

Re: Spark plug affect performance?

Bu8h on points. Buz8h cdi

Re: Spark plug affect performance?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

it really is determined by conditions, for example my uber rich jetted kitted tomos w a puney 15mm overbored sha 74 jet will rip with a 4L

on normal days 65f-75f, when its like 90f it will rip with 6L, when its 32f and below it loves a super cold klg 220 which on the ngk scale is a 10.

i recently rejetted to a 70, and the 4l is an awesome cocoa tan, read the plug it knows, before it was dark chocolate w/ a 74 and would stumble at WOT and cut at idle, being too rich with a 8hs.

almost any weather condition can change which plug runs best, humidity and quality of the gas, oil ratio, timing, altitude and how well your kit sheds heat.

i tried the recomended buz8h and it ran ok but fowled too easy. i have an advantage, cause the harley shops kid ran 2t race bikes in the 70's and has a stockpile of discontinued 2t plugs, hence the ubercool klg's.


Re: Spark plug affect performance?

Ah, so maybe buy 2-3 different ones and feel which one is best would be easiest (~$7 each).

Side note:

Very nice plug-reading-chart mate! Very good for jetting! That should be in the mopedarmy-wiki to jetting!!?

Too bad my vespa bravo is a dick beeing rejetted, have to dismount the entire swing/shocks to access carb/jet =/ On Ciao the carb cup is directly accessed from beneath.

Re: Spark plug affect performance?

$7!? it's like 2.75 for ngks at my local auto parts store...

Re: Spark plug affect performance?

Sweden, everything is expensive as hell! $7 was the cheapest found in surplus cheap ass stores. Normal price is $15.

1 liter 95 octane gasoline $2 (diesel same)

33cl coke $1.50

Snickers $1

Restaurant dinner $20

Beer $6

Drink 4cl liquer $20

Entry any big nightclub $20 including nothing

Bic mac menu/fastfood $10

Normal salary $3000 monthly

High salary $6000

Rent 1month old flat gas stove and shit $700

Lowest salary (mcdonalds employee) $2500

One hour service labour (workshop, massage, web design) normally $80/hour

Re: Spark plug affect performance?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

you gotta get bosch cheaper. isn't there like black market "soviet plasma spindles"?

don't feel so bad the prices are almost the same here in PA, execpt the pay scales, beer and gas, i quit drinking and just drove mopeds for a long time.

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