First Time kitting

Almost have enough money to buy the tools and parts for kitting my Newport. Going to rebuild the case before I buy a kit though.

Done research, compiled a checklist of what I'm going to eventually buy(this excludes parts I may have to buy to rebuild the case, haven't been able to take it apart all the way because of the lack of tools lol)


-flyweheel puller

-clutch puller


-bearing puller

-impact screwdriver

-torque wrench

-rubber mallet

-piston stop

-circlip pliers

-yama bond

(I think that's everything)


Actually had a question about this.

Since it's my first time should I go for the 70cc

OR the 80cc

Don't both require case matching? If they do and that's all there is to it (as far as I know that's all there is to it) is the difference in top-end worth the $150 difference?


-front sprocket: 19t (I want to avoid as much case grinding as possible)

-rear sprocket: 35t

-either a tecno circuit pipe or a homoet 8p depending on the kit I'm going to wind up getting

- "puch E50 moped super stuffy racer crankshaft"

? Was wondering if a race clutch is necessary


-45mm reed for the 70cc kit

? No idea what carb I should get.

That's what I got so far in terms of things I'll need and I think that's everything; gonna do some more research though. If there are any points you'd like to make please feel free.

If it's harder than I think it's going to be (which I'm sure it is) I'm willing to put in the work for it honestly. I really wanna get this thing going!


When treatland says “*sorry none today*” how long until they re-stock usually?


Re: First Time kitting

No kits require case matching, but all of them should be case matched otherwise you're running a marathon in $200 sneakers yet wearing tight jeans.

The 80 Metra big port may not be a great idea as without having aluminum added to the case, you'll wind up with one about 1.5mm of gasket overlap. You can do it with JB Weld, but it's a half-assed approach in my opinion. The 80 Metra also requires the cases to be bored out for the cylinder skirt to fit in.

Re: First Time kitting

Probably Fred /

Metra kit 80 need the cases bored out to fit skirt so that's out.

Get the 70 cc kit, 1.5– 2mm metal base spacer 2 base gaskets to space cylinder so ports are full open when piston is at full bottom, 70cc head, tecno circuit pipe, metal mesh filter for bing, 14 mm bing,222 atomizer70-74 bing jet, 16-17x40 gears, trail tech head temp gauge.

Learn timing, and time low 14° before top dead center to start, jet correctly and monitor head temps with gauge to keep around 375F at full throttle

Re: First Time kitting

Robie Osborne /

Mars, thank you for steering me clear of the 80cc kit lol

Ken, thank you for the specs, that would have been hell to figure out on my own. Once I get the kit I'm going straight to travistutorial for timing and whatnot. Is there a reason why you chose that gearing? Is it a temperature thing? I'm looking for higher top end speed.

Re: First Time kitting

Probably Fred /

Gear what you can pull

I've did dozens of piston port 70cc kit puch builds. They're Cheep and work good.

Most times with only case match, clean up/chamfer the kit, gap ring, unported kit, 14mm carb, I get 47-48 mph with great take off (two shoe clutch, kick start springs, 0W20 synthetic motor oil) and ok head temps running 17x40 gears with a circuit pipe.

A higher rpm type like a tecno boss type you down gear because the pipe needs to be in the higher rpm power range to go fast so you can run hotter especially with points type or no curve ignition. Curve ignition like HPI you could run higher p.m. still keep cool because it's self retarding but at 350.00 plus a lighting regulator, plus 12v bulbs plus shipping that's 400.00 just

for ignition. Yes advanced tuners including myself can run a high rpm set up on a puch with points ignition but gas porting piston and other tuning things need to be done all not easy and run still higher temps then just using mini rotor HPI or retarding cdi. I wish puch engines were fan cooled or watercooled like some other bikes or kits but most times a 70cc kit has the same size fins as a low power 49cc stock cylinder that and the fact that many/most kits are cast/made in Taiwan of way inferior materials then they used to be makes for a cylinder very easy to seize. I don't build or like race mopeds for the street I like to build my bike and have it last for years not minutes so that is why I recommend lower RPM pipes, lower timing, and medium gearing.

Re: First Time kitting

Robie Osborne /

Lol I tried to google translate what you said, but it appears you were speaking in English this whole time. You certainly have the vocabulary to steer me to trusting your wisdom. I'll be following your advice. Thanks again! I'll eventually post pictures of the finished product!

Re: First Time kitting

Couple other things I'd add to your list:

-Allen bolts for cases/intake/exhaust/clutch cover

-Coupler nuts for cylinder studs (clean and chase the threads on both sides of your old studs if you are not buying new ones and run a tap with some cutting oil through your cylinder stud holes in your cases to make them nice and careful not to dig any further into the cases though)

-Replace stock clutch springs with orange or kickstart ones & tune them to open at relatively the same "weight." (you may want to brace your clutch posts if you are revving super high before engagement.)

-9/32 inside of 5/16 brass tubing to minimize slop between cylinder and case before matching your transfers (explained here.)

-I think this is a better rebuild tutorial than the travis dude one.

Also Ken and Mars know what they are talking about, follow their advice (edited)

Re: First Time kitting

Robie Osborne /

Thanks Chris!

Re: First Time kitting

neither of those kits use reeds....

Re: First Time kitting

A lot to bite into. 19 x 35 =1.84:1 ratio is that stock? Pretty tall most are around 3 : 1 . Smaller rear sprocket , faster ratio less torque more speed shorter chain less clearance problems. Larger front sprocket same but longer chain . You can shorten a chain easier than lengthening it ( buying a longer one ) Carb ? Replace , rejet ? Clutch upgrade to H.D. ? Brakes good? Everything will wear out faster. Start cheap rejet carb up about 10 sizes, loose air filter ,stock exhaust pipe maybe remove baffle if you can . Change ratio sprockets. Kit up grade is a lot more than usually just bolt it on some knowledge will help ,ask seek, make hands on friends .How much do you want to spend ? Some states do not allow mods on engine on public roads. I still say start cheap/small you will do most of the things here any way. Post progress! Luck does not replace skill.

Re: First Time kitting

There is some really good info here.. Making me think about my gearing and what not haha

Re: First Time kitting

Robie Osborne /

Yeah, the carb is gone, figured I'd have to get a better one anyhow. Somewhat familiar with jetting. Gonna learn timing. Looked at the brakes today, those and the axels are gonna need replacing. Any recommendations for clutches? And idk, so far the bill is looking to be around $600 (rough math) but I think around $800 is when I'm going to start cringing. But It's cool, I wanna learn. Reason I don't wanna rebuild stock is because the amount I'd be spending on stock is almost as much as it would buying stuff for a kit. And I'm familiar with the laws, this moped is gonna mostly be ridden in back streets or on private property. If there's ever a rally in CA I'd take it there too!

PS. Bobby, you're right. Not too sure why I said that. Was probably looking at reeds at the same time as kits and brainfarted the two together.

Re: First Time kitting

Did you see the (Puch Gila Package) that Corduroy Swoop is selling in buy/sell it's got the already bored/casematched-case,alum. stuffed crank, new piston, new head, gaskets, intake, more.... !$300. OBO snatch that shit up quick

Re: First Time kitting

Robie Osborne /

Checked it out. Sent a PM. Thanks for the heads up, really appreciate it!

Re: First Time kitting

I undertook a similar project last year. Things are going to break, and you will end up spending way more than you ever thought was possible on a moped.

Make sure you buy a in/lbs torque wrench. You'll need something that can reliably do 84-120 in/lbs.

Re: First Time kitting

Robie Osborne /

Thanks for the heads up. What broke for you? Anything I can avoid or just deal with it as it comes?

Re: First Time kitting

Carb started leaking and needed new seals and float; throttle cable broke, lost some bearings, lost some hardware while disassembling, blew a few head gaskets, yadda, yadda yadda just be ready.

Re: First Time kitting

Robie Osborne /

Haha gotcha. I'm getting mentally prepared for doing some stupid things believe me.

Re: First Time kitting

The best thing you can do is don't rush the work and don't take any lazy shortcuts no matter how appealing or "decent" they may seem. Do it right the first time and you will minimize the amount of revisitits you will have to make on the engine/bike in the long run.

Re: First Time kitting

make a homemade vac tester (20 bucks) and bench test it for leaks when you're done...

if you wait and do it after you've put it back on the bike you'll be sorry...

Re: First Time kitting

Robie Osborne /

Will do matt! Future thanks to everyone!

Re: First Time kitting


you can use it as a vac tester but it's really for leakdown testing...

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