Moby- Air Leak at head nut/stud

OK... anyone else deal with this before?

I was examining the head and noticed oil on the head.... I thought it could have been the spark plug seeping oil so I cleaned the area up and fired the engine back up.

I noticed between the nut and stud that there was small bubbles forming hence the air leak.

any ideas how this can happen?

the nut was a bit smaller than the stock nuts and I placed a split lock washer under the nut. I have replaced it with a different washer and the stock nut... fired it up and no evidence of bubbling oil but am i hiding another problem?


Re: Moby- Air Leak at head nut/stud

rick ziereis /

sounds like it's seeping past the head gasket and into the stud space. Tighten/ check torque on the head, or replace the head gasket.

Re: Moby- Air Leak at head nut/stud

will check it.... its a bidalot head with o-ring so I was almost thinking that it could be leaking from the base gasket and filling up the cyl stud channel then eventually leaking out the head stud/nut area.

Re: Moby- Air Leak at head nut/stud


Re: Moby- Air Leak at head nut/stud

Matt Zimmerman /

If its an o ringed head than pretty safe bet that the leak is from the gasket at the cylinder base. I have had that before. Its generally frowned upon but I use a small amount of sealant on both sides of the gasket if I have a persistant leak. I than vacuum/pressure test the motor to ensure its leak free. Good luck

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