PHBG on a 103

I apologize if this has been covered but nothing I've found in the wiki seems to cover this. So I'm dialing in my Del phbg carb after my build (103 with a gila 70, phbg 19mm with a 100 main, 50 idle, w7 needle with the clip set to the richest setting, timing at 1.2mm BTDC) and I'm having trouble getting the bike to idle. Seems like no matter what I do every time I take the choke off I get a brief spike in rpm and then it dies. I've tried adjusting the mixture screw and idle screw with not a whole lot of success. I've sprayed carb cleaner on anything that might leak and I get no change in idle with the choke on. Anyone have any advise?

Re: PHBG on a 103

My 103 with phbg has a 42 idle jet backed off one turn from all the way in. That's what works on my bike.

Re: PHBG on a 103

polini recommends ; 40 slide, w16 needle, 60 choke jet, 88 main jet, 48 idle jet and AN 262 atomizer. This set up is screamin my 70cc bride kitted 103.

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