Derestricted exaust

Can you derestirct the exhaust on a trac clipper? Is so how? as of now it tops out at about 22 mph and am having trouble with getting it to go a little faster.

Thank you for all responses.

Re: Derestricted exaust

The trac clipper has a pretty decent exhaust stock, the header is huge compared to most mopeds. If you really want performance gains you need a real expansion chamber. Messing around with the stock exhaust will only get you very small gains usually, and will make it much louder. Try this, remove the baffle tube and clean it out real well. You could test ride it with the baffle removed, but I wouldn't recommend it without re-jetting the carburetor.

Re: Derestricted exaust

how much of an upjet do you think we would be talking?

Re: Derestricted exaust

I don't know, 2 or 3 jet sizes larger maybe? Try it with the cleaned out baffle first and see if that helps any.

Re: Derestricted exaust

is it a daelim motor? those are case reed i think, word on the street is that they can be made to rip.

if you measure your header pipe you might be able to find a generic slip-on chamber to mount like the treats black chamber

Re: Derestricted exaust

It is in fact a daelim motor. what can i do to the case reed?

Re: Derestricted exaust

I cleaned out the baffle and this definitly helped. It was lookin rough in there. I think that if I put a bigger carb on i would be able to get some more out of this bike. The problem is I dont know what size the stock carb is so i dont know how to go bigger. I was thinking this one....

But im not sure,, I also dont know if this would require me to change the intake or if i could just slap it on.

Thanks for the input!

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