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I've got a 2013 Tomos Sprint A55. And I plan on doing some mods this summer but i'd like to know if theres anything else I need to do along with mods, Like upjetting?

Mods I plan on doing:

70cc Airsal Kit

MLM Cali Pipe

Uni Air Filter

22T Sprocket

Re: Modding Tomos Sprint

Andrew Squiggman /

sounds like you already know that answer. yes.

Re: Modding Tomos Sprint

Michael Sheeler /

If you need to ask about upjetting after these mods, DO NOT get the Airsal kit. They're picky and will seize if you look at them funny. I just bought a Tomos off a guy who seized the hell out of one. Flat spot on the rear tire to prove it.

Re: Modding Tomos Sprint

Hey, do everyone a favor and don't kit a basically-new tomos. Kit something that's old and unreliable anyway. Go ahead and throw the pipe on and stuff, but don't crack in to the motor until you have to.

Re: Modding Tomos Sprint

Totally agree with jb.

I have two extremely reliable tomos st. They hit 40 with the biturbo and the uni filter. I wouldn't toss a super stock kit. I just got a replacement ported stock kit to have and to hold that was done as per the wiki and reportedly easily does high forties.

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