ZA50 / Maxi-II / 70cc set dump

Matt Goat|Bart|no /

Yo's, im running a shit stain of a 16:16 sha, with my circuit piper, whom is a two timing hot bitch.

it's time for an upgrade, havent done moped shits in a year or 2, because motorcycles somewhat took over.

should i do boom:

or bam:

or something else, idk...let a dood know.

Re: ZA50 / Maxi-II / 70cc set dump

Probably Fred /

14mm bing way better then sha on a puch

Re: ZA50 / Maxi-II / 70cc set dump

Really I don't think that motor you got has enough...Boom or it for either one of those choices.....a little weak, is what im saying......

Re: ZA50 / Maxi-II / 70cc set dump

Probably Fred /

Most times I'm faster with a 14mm bing on a pp kit than many phbg powered piston port kit bikes. I usually get 48 mph with quick takeoff running a 14 mm bing, tecno circuit pipe 15-17x40 gears, tuned two shoe on a e50 or

20x35 gears on a za50.

Heck I run 15mm bing, 64cc puch polini kit, estroil pipe and hit 55+

14-15 mm bings work great way more low end then a big phbg carb on a PP kit

Pipe is the limiting factor most times.

Big pipe big carb, mild pipe mild carb that's how I look at it.

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