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Not sure if this thread already exists or not, but what free mods do you have on your puch maxi?

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Read the wiki.

Re: Free Mods

Brent Bublitz /

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clutch lightening and tighten the clutch springs.

sand the head for a higher compression ratio.

take out head gasket or run a thinner one for higher compression ratio.

advance timing.

change gears if you have access to free gears.

if you already have a pipe make a high flow intake out of your stock exhaust header.

port modifications.

if you have a stock pipe drill holes in the baffle to increase flow.

take the seat bracket off the seat and bolt the seat straight to the frame for a lower center of gravity and looking cooler.

clean and regrease the wheel bearings and adjust the cones.

make a high flow air filter or just dont run one for more air flow.

loose weight.

make sure your tires are at the right PSI.

dremel the carb and intake to have a bigger ID.

save up like $300 and buy a 70cc k-star kit 16mm sha and a circuit pipe and rebuild your motor with new seals and bearings.

Re: Free Mods

Probably Fred /

Don't do a lot of what this guy is saying^

Do not advance timing! Time correctly 14 to 17° Btds or you can seize.

Do not drill pipe for you will lose all low end.

Just clean your pipe and make sure its 2hp specs.

Do not dremel your carb you will ruin it .

Do not run a 16.16 needleless sha carb on a puch.

Run a 14 mm bing instead .

Don't get a kstar 70 cc get a dmp 70cc for less base spacing and cylinder decking.

Don't run no filter. One pc of gravel will ruin your engine.

Do run a metal mesh filter

Do run at least a 14mm intake

Re: Free Mods

make sure your piston skirt clears the intake if no cut it down a bit

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