Simonini Proline fitment on Kinetic

Taunted with free shipping, I had to try it.



Re: Simonini Proline fitment on Kinetic

Maciek Dub /

It fits, barely, with pressure on the stand mount.

Easily remedied.

Another installment of "How this fits on That", by the people who brought You Beeeeeer Milkshakes! (edited)


Re: Simonini Proline fitment on Kinetic

Maciek Dub /

Oh yeah, Didn't use any sealant just to see if simo did any better job on their clamps than polini and tecno...nope

Re: Simonini Proline fitment on Kinetic

Leaky vespa exhaust, what's new right? Glad you're doing a kinetic. I'm always eyeballing my frame still sitting under the workbench. It was fun... But so damn flimsy. I didn't feel safe but it was unique at least.

Re: Simonini Proline fitment on Kinetic

Hell yeah dude. I love those pipes.

Re: Simonini Proline fitment on Kinetic

Maciek Dub /

Yup, been 'doing' this kinetic off and on for half a decade lol, zero fucks given to the haters. It is definitely different, and a challenge.

Subframe is definitely the flimsy part, better shocks/mounts helped immensely. I've been thinking about making a better one for years of course, made some drawings of a trellis design with easy engine drop-out, some day I'll get to it. I also have a later model subframe that's made from better quality stampings and has fewer unnecessary holes around the carb (so there's some actual metal there not just a few thin pieces to break in between). I'll see how that does once re-enforced and seam-welded first, it really does need a longer one though, like Si length, always wants to wheelie out from under me.

Speaking of which, can anyone get me some measurements of Si, bravo, or grande sub-frames? The only one I really need is center of crank-shaft to center of transmission input shaft, doesn't have to be super-duper exact.

I am a little worried about what's gonna happen if I ever space it and try to hop up on a curb...I think longer shocks may be in order.


~M (edited)

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