Vespa Grande and Techno Circuit

Matt Grantonic /

I know there is a lot of press on this setup but I cannot seem to find the answer to the following questions...BTW this is a totally stock Grande except for a Malossi airbox.

1) How much louder than stock? Will it wake up the neighbors?

2) Can I keep the centerstand?

3) Is it worth the gains on a stock Grande that already runs 30 on the flats.

Thanks, Matt

Re: Vespa Grande and Techno Circuit

1. Noticeably louder, still quieter than my weed whacker.

2. Yes, no problems with the center stand. Although I could never get the front tab to mount onto the head bolt.

3. Depends on what other mods you have planned and how fast you want to go. It's a pretty good pipe for the price, but you might only get 5 mph more with it, depending on your current setup. I got mine around the same time I rebuilt the motor, got a 13:13 carb, and ported the intake, and those together got me from a 27 mph top speed to about a 37 mph top speed. Keep in mind this is in Denver where there's less oxygen, so if you're at sea level it will go faster.

Whatever you do, get a set of jets (probably in the 60s range) and make sure it's all tuned up and running properly. Also make sure your gaskets are intact and not leaking, and your points are cleaned and gapped properly. Even with the Malossi airbox you'll need to upjet a little bit.

I should also add that after a couple thousand miles some of the rivets holding the baffle (muffler) onto the pipe started to wiggle and round out the holes. And I ended up painting the pipe with BBQ paint because the clear coat burned off and the pipe rusted pretty quick.

Re: Vespa Grande and Techno Circuit

Yes Yes Yes, a tripple score!

Re: Vespa Grande and Techno Circuit

Matt Grantonic /

Great info, Thanks for the details. One more item...The ped currently starts to buzz pretty good at about 32 mph, will this continue to get worse as I wind the motor out or will this magically reduce that? Matt

Re: Vespa Grande and Techno Circuit

There seems to always be a mid range resonance that I have on like every vespa I build, from around 30-35. My ciao has it currently and it smooths out at higher speeds. It may not be the same for you though.

Re: Vespa Grande and Techno Circuit

oh that drone, i think it might have to do with the rotary-valve.

Re: Vespa Grande and Techno Circuit

i believe it's belt flap.

i posted somewhere my roller experiment

not as elegant as this

Re: Vespa Grande and Techno Circuit

mid to low 60's jets i think. depending on how long malossi cut your red foam...

my buddy had a ciao set up like that. it got moving pretty good. i assume you have variators? i have a dr kit that i ran with no base gasket. just some sealant. this gave me more compression. stock vespa motors are pretty low compression. getting a bit more makes a noticeable improvement.

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