78 puch maxi

Adam Molyneux /

Have a 78 puch maxi with a 14 mm intake and a 12mm bing, switching out to a 15 mm intake and a dellorto 15 mm carb, the Ped is stock minuse de restricting muffler and air box, I want the Ped to be fast of the line with top speed of 40-45, right now it's at 30 with bing, what are some mods that aren't to expensive with big results? Thanks friends

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Probably Fred /

40-45mph you need a small kit and performance pipe

No sha only bings or carbs that have a needle for puch

Re: 78 puch maxi

christian boucher /

My 77 Puch Maxi has a 50CC treats kit with w/ hi hi head ($89), Techno Boss pipe ($66), Dellorto 15.15 Sha which you already have, and stock gearing for the 2 HP model (16 X45) My top speed is 48-49 on the flat. My low end is pretty terrible but I live in the country so it doesn't really matter to me. I tried 14 X 45 and my top end dropped to about 42-43 but acceleration was much better. Hope this helps.. If you want decent low end power, you may need a bigger kit than what I have. (I'm still learning)

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Man, I've got to upgrade my carb. Running your exact set-up but with a 12mm bing and only hitting 40mph. I've got a 15mm bing in the mail, so maybe I'll get up to speed. I'm in the city, so I'll give the 14 tooth a try, as I'd be happy with good acceleration and 43 mph. (edited)

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