Re: Mikuni VM18 Carb Tuning on Puch

Giovanni Giarratana /

ooohhh ok, i actually have a vm18 (got 3) that is so old it doesnt even have that, style, no shim but has the rubber seal, the diameter is the same as if it had that nylon shim, very interesting, think it came off of a dirtbike or something

Re: Mikuni VM18 Carb Tuning on Puch

im running a 70 currently and it feels like at WOT im not gaining rpms, it doesnt 4 stroke either, by bing 14 topped out higher, going to try 72.5 then 75 main. running on an mlm peoples pipe, magnum e50 with ported out cylinder. Any suggestions on why i cant get into the high rpm range? not enough fuel at WOT?

Re: Mikuni VM18 Carb Tuning on Puch

Hey do you still have this setup?

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