Tomos a35 Hammer

Looks like the next model in the Hammer line will be for the Tomos a35.

Same deal I offered on the Minarelli - Send me a complete, good bottom-end and get a clutch in return. I only need one. First come first serve. And if for some reason this never makes it to production, you'll get your motor back, or I can offer you another flavor of clutch. Your choice. Anybody know if the kick-start clutch is different then the pedal start? If there's no difference, I'd prefer a kick-start bottom end.

I'm opening the debate now as to whether it will be a single-clutch/single-speed conversion, a first-gear Hammer/second-gear stock, or a double Hammer.


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No difference between the kick and pedal start clutches.

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Of course the clutches in the donor motor can be toast. And the crank too for that matter. I have a couple spare cranks.

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Pablo Puchasso /

I'm interested. I'll email you.

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I would say either first hammer and second stock or both hammer. I my self would was first and second gear hammer but that would coast like $600 bucks right? Hey also are the e50 hammers ever coming back to treats?

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Totally normal JBOT /

Are you concerned about the clutch bells getting too hammered by this?

Just wondering what the next weakest link is after the obvious clutch pads.

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pm sent. I would go with a first gear hammer and second stock for starters, maybe release a 2nd gear later on (I would buy both though for sure). The 2nd gear clutches tend to work ok even on high power bikes (not a whole lot in the way of tuning though), its just the 1st that takes the brunt of the beating.

Edit: the clutches are the same, on pedal/kick start. (edited)

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i was just about to buy new clutches for my a55 but i might hold off now. i would go with trick 1st gear and stock 2nd.

Re: Tomos a35 Hammer

welp, my hpi just ate the 2nd.. gear so forget a stock 2nd gear clutch, imo.

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just start making cranks with morini s6 splines for thier 3 shoe clutch on first. imho.

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Nobody hold off on buying parts they need to ride. These are a good three months off. Tooling up will take some time.

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Once you get a clutch that works good enough I think you will see spline shredding, some of you others probably have better ideas of that if you can keep pads on them. I really see this as a crank and clutch solution.

Re: Tomos a35 Hammer

Do you want Gilarini ????

If the clutches last on it..... They'll last on anything.

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it's been a while, but i used to have a really nice shifting motor setup


very light first gear shoes and high spring tension for high engagement and light shoes for smooth, slippery engagement


stock second gear because i wanted it to engage 100% and not slip. the weight is what gets you solid positive engagement. then you can set the speed it shifts at pretty accurately with spring tension

Series of events that took place:

first gear shoes are fixed directly to the crank

first gear spins up and slips/engages on the bell

first gear engages the bell 100% and revs build

the motion of the bell spins up the second gear clutch and it engages the bell

the decrease in rpm breaks the first gear shoes free from the bell and first gear slips while second gear is 100% engaged. this allows for a feathered clutch feel in second gear that keeps you in the powerband.

I'm sure you could achieve the same feel with 2 special clutches, but you can make it happen with only one

this is all based on sound, feel, and lots of experimentation but there's definitely the possibility i have it all wrong.

as i understand it, (and the basis for the above) when you're rapped out in second gear, power is being trasfered from:

crank -> 1st shoes -> bell -> second shoes -> reduction

Re: Tomos a35 Hammer

^^^^^^^^^^ yes!!

i rip up 2nd gear pretty good also

and i still think the bells are weak

just ya bring on the hammers

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we have 3 75cc tomos this will be amazing

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Yeah if you did first and second this could mean that it might not be such a problem to run hpi on tomos. It would be huge.

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i will photo close to 6 set ups tomrrw

will show failures at pin point

usually worn padding causes pin to walk out of the orbit and beat its way through that diagonal notch, grinding it away (edited)

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actually 30 percent of damaged clutches have a drums wacked (burned)

maybe a set of adapters to different clutch system...there is a some space out there

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are the internal splines on tomos like they are on za's first gear has thick splines that could be easier to produce but I dont know how you'd make those second gear internal splines they're TINY!

Re: Tomos a35 Hammer

Probably wire edm

Re: Tomos a35 Hammer

it's always been 1st that i've destroyed. 2nd just wears out. 1st falls apart

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So the target is a Hammer first-gear, with a kevlar-lined stock second-gear option.

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^^^That sounds like a good setup there. I have yet to destroy a 2nd gear, but I can never get it to slip out like I want. Honestly, if there were a way you could machine lighter shoes for the stock 2nd gear hub, that would be awesome.

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not a Baron Asshole /

Seeing ive exploded more clutches than most here(12? 1st gears), Ill definitely agree with 1st gear is only needed. Ive kept most of the exploded ones and yes around the pins, but usually because a35's(and same design on 55's) have only 1MM cross section where they shear off from force. The a3's design is literally double at 2mm and last with real clutch material(light mods needed) They are still only CAST(failure) aluminum.

Some designers in Europe have redesigned the bell but i feel it very unnecessary, and would add lots of cost(and weight) Yes i have killed one before, but only because the clutch came apart and hurled into the bell in a very non-concentric manner.

I keep usually 2 extra sets of kevlar lined 1st gear setups most of the time(second gear doesn't even need that)and strong springs 15-20lbs depending on fluid and how much power i am setting them up for. I also have stock ones and a crank with bell if you need for the setup and tooling. The splines aren't weak at all, ive seen a few failures, always are due to people not using the correct washers and lack of thread locker, and loose to ruin the splines.

PM me for info


Re: Tomos a35 Hammer

I've ripped all the teeth off first and second, lol.

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King Drunky JCams /

You must replace the 2nd gear clutches as well IMO.

The stock clutches are shit and I've personally seen a ton of them rip up on multiple tricked out Tomosesessess.

You make this Hammer clutch thingy for A35, and I'll buy another Tomos.

I don't keep a tomos around simply because I HATE dealing with the constantly shredded clutch setup.

Fix the "clutches are shredded by Gila again" problem and you'll be onto something.

Hell, you'll even get some of my hard-earned money for one of your fancy clutch setups. :)

Re: Tomos a35 Hammer

DAM" Michael " /

i'll finish my gila tomos for testing these :)

Re: Tomos a35 Hammer

Re: Tomos a35 Hammer


On my A55 ive been runnining A3 shoes and they seem to hold up well

on that engine but ive got a gila a55 with a mini rotor just collecting dust

trying to figure the clutch explosion thing out. I dont even want to run it

cause i know the clutches are going to blow up every block.

im saving my money for these as we speak.

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