Morini M01 Porting

I want a little more umph out of my stock M01. Nothing crazy, maybe just a little more all around power and speed up top. I've done searches for porting M01s and found pretty much nothing on the subject. I couldn't even find a portmap. I made one and decided to share though. The numbers are as accurate as I could get them them. (First time doing a portmap myself)

Just curious to what others have done and what results they've had.

All together I'll be running this bike with just a pipe and an upjet. Like I said, nothing crazy.

Re: Morini M01 Porting

there is a port map section in the Wiki, you can upload your port map there.

Re: Morini M01 Porting

It's in the wiki. I think I did it correctly. If not someone else wanna set it straight?

Anybody porting their M01s?

Re: Morini M01 Porting

Bump. I'm investigating this rabbit hole.

Re: Morini M01 Porting

I widened my exhaust about 1.5mm on each side and gave it a liiiiiittle more top. Put the MLM reed block in it and a free flow and upjetted to 64 with an Estoril. Oh but Im on an M1

Re: Morini M01 Porting

I tried to copy the eurokit puch athena timing, basically mat ch bing timing degrees and areas, I dont remember exactly what tho, with a lil bullet style pipe and amal 15 it was solid mid 30s which kinda felt like a letdown but I never pushed it more

Re: Morini M01 Porting

Stock M01. MLM circuit pipe, removed some screens from the filter, yanked the tubes outta the box, up jetted, fancy 3D printed slide. New seals.

Itll get up to 30 and idle+low end is way better, needs more mid range power to climb hills.

I'm@a put on a cone filter and retune again. Maybe make an bigger airbox

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