A35 pipe on an A55/A35 hybrid?

I know these things:

A55 and A35 have different exhaust port mounting angles

They also have different rear mounts

With that being said, I've got an A35 reed kit on my dads A55 bottom end w/A3 clutches on a Arrow frame. (similar frame to the revival) We really like the MLM pipes because of the quality, R&D, reputation, and their side bleed pipes to keep it quiet.

We're looking at the MLM BK100 because he likes low down power and torque, but it's only listed for the A35.

Since we're running the A35 cylinder on the A55 top end, will an A35 pipe bolt right on? How far off would the rear exhaust hanger be?

I have no problems welding pipes to adapt them or fabricating hanger adapters, but it would be nice if a pipe would be very close to bolt on, especially if it's already powdercoated.

Other options:

MLM cali pipe for tomos A3/A35 with side bleed

MLM tomos A3/A35 people's sidebleed pipe

MLM cali pipe for tomos A55 with side bleed

MLM tomos A55 people's sidebleed pipe

BK100 dyno run:

St. Ripper dyno run: (I imagine the cali and peoples pipes are similar to this one)

Re: A35 pipe on an A55/A35 hybrid?

I changed an a55 techingas next to an a35 with just a bend of the header, So The mounts should be fairly close. Seeing as it's an a35 cyl, probly be fine, the hole(s) on the mount might be off slightly though.

Re: A35 pipe on an A55/A35 hybrid?

I just put the a35 mlm Cali on an a55 st with the a35 parmakit. Thing rips so hard. Good lowend really good mids and then it really hits. Pipe mounts up nice I just had to use some spacers and a little bracket. I got these little rectangle brackets from the hardware store they are like 1 inch by 3 with 4 holes. Bolted to the pipe then put some over sized nuts over the bolt going from the bracket to the frame. Easy mod.

Re: A35 pipe on an A55/A35 hybrid?

BINGO. Thanks Bobby. We'll be picking up the A35 BK100 then.

Re: A35 pipe on an A55/A35 hybrid?

Do a full review of it about how it hits and when and what timing you ended up with, all that stuff. I have been looking at that pipe for a long time. If I was you I would gear really tall. You will have torque and hight speeds. Oh and what kit are you running it with? I'm gonna do the same with the Cali once I have it fully tuned and the kit broken in enough to really rip.

Re: A35 pipe on an A55/A35 hybrid?

Airsal A35 reed kit with a 2 petal and VM20.

Re: A35 pipe on an A55/A35 hybrid?

oooh, thanks for asking this! I've been meaning to myself but been shy to ask questions without doing a month's research ahead of time. I'm aiming for a similar setup, now I know it should work- unless it has centrestand issues for either of our sakes, or crash bar issues for mine.

Re: A35 pipe on an A55/A35 hybrid?

campeona del mundo /

sidebleed will run hotter but hit harder due to greater back pressure through its inherent design. i ran a similar pipe to the h95 "athena" pipe on my ported hobbit athena setup and literally couldn't keep the front end down on my hobbatavus. rad mids and decent top end, but hit a mad ceiling due to the header length/overall tuned length compared to a motomatic n8p. the mmm had me doing a good 7-8mph more and a seemingly unlimited ceiling.

on a non variated bike like a tomos, i think i would go for the sidebleed. i almost liked it on a dual variated bike more than my mmm pipe but when ya got a variator you get everything.

it's more fun in the city and a lot quieter. all out speed is compromised.

i guess the only thing to worry about is your clutches. a hard hitting pipe like the bk may kind of put a lot of stress on the internals if you're hitting the power band before 2nd gear. (edited)

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