Er3 Clutchless uses stock clutch?

I just got a clutchless er3 for my pug chopper. I thought this thing was supposed to lock onto the crank somehow, but it just spun. So I installed my stock clutch parts on it? I didn't even know that was a thing! It ran okay, but it was vibe-ie and didn't want to variate fully. I think its in the way my spring set up is on my chopper. I'm going to build a longer spring set up and try and source a slightly longer belt so that it can take full advantage of the vario's cheeks.

But I guess what I was really getting at is, I didn't know that these made use of the stock clutch. How are the guys using these with the clutched pulleys?

im dum... I know.

Re: Er3 Clutchless uses stock clutch?

n/m, found this... I thought the Pug clutchless was like the Moby I guess.,3283268,3283605#msg-3283605

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